Cleaning and Preserving Jewellery

The frequent use of jewellery alters its shine and appearance, but its cleaning and conservation is something easy and simple and can be done comfortably at home following some advice:

Gold and silver are noble metals which, due to their physical and chemical properties, have a natural lustre that can be polished to an extraordinary shine.

However, this shine can be lost due to oxidation when in contact with air, excess heat, humidity or certain substances or products that affect the surface. It is important to bear in mind that perspiration and body pH also affect the deterioration of the piece.

Gold presents a reddish tone when oxidised, and silver a yellowish or blackish tone.

To avoid deterioration, it is advisable to store the pieces in dry places, away from excessive natural or artificial light during prolonged periods (spotlights, lamps...).

If the jewellery is in contact with substances such as chlorine, perfumes, creams, oils, alcohols and make-up, it should be cleaned regularly, either with specialised cloths impregnated with a chemical product, or by washing the jewellery in hot water with neutral, mild soaps.

There are also liquid cleaning products that act by immersion and that work wonderfully, restoring the jewellery to its full shine and beauty.

For good conservation and storage, nowadays we avoid storing jewellery in its original cases that take up so much space, but we recommend storing the pieces individually in hermetically sealed transparent bags. This allows us to see and control them whilst we are looking for others, as well as avoiding rubbing, scratching and oxidation.

The space they occupy is considerably reduced, so they can be kept in smaller, more secure spaces.

Magnificent results are achieved when using immersion cleaning methods, such as ultrasound, for jewellery with precious or semi-precious stones.

This method is available to Yanes customers free of charge, and in just a few minutes a surprising improvement can be observed.

There are domestic ultrasound jewellery cleaners on the market that function very well and which redeem themselves, due to their good results.

The care and conservation of pearls is very similar to that of other jewellery.

However, the fact that they are organic material has an even greater influence on their possible loss of shine or orientation, when they are subjected to dryness, excessive heat or lack of oxygenation.

It is, therefore, advisable to wear them frequently and clean them afterwards to remove any traces of perfume, lacquer or similar.

For good conservation and maintenance of jewellery, it is advisable to periodically check the settings that hold the gems in place.


Sometimes, knocks or snags weaken the settings, endangering the setting and security of the stones, so it is advisable to have them checked by the jeweller from time to time, to avoid the occasional loss of a gemstone.

Maintenance of pearl jewellery must be done with a certain rigour.

Firstly, because the necklaces are strung with silk or metal threads which are very fine and may, consequently, easily wear out or break. That is why from time to time it is advisable to re-string them, so that the thread is clean and the piece looks as good as new once again.

Pearl earrings are more delicate to clean. Normally the pearls are glued, so the glue can break down due to humidity and heat and consequently the pearl can come off.

This fact is very frequent in baby earrings, which have a very small amount of glue so that they inevitably come off with rubbing and daily bathing.

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