Seventy years of Claudio's life - first generation of the Yanes family

He was born in 1806 in San Martín de Puxa and together with his parents, his education was exemplary. At the age of 25 he was already a teacher and, whilst practising in the village of Malpica de Tajo, he met and married María de Mata.

In 1837 he volunteered for the Carlist War and his heroism was highlighted in the national press.

His wife died and he remarried Petra Fernández, a young woman with whom he had six children.

The discovery of the Guarrazar Treasure in Guadamur was a milestone in Toledo. Claudio Yanes, with his designs of Visigothic origin, told Petra and his children, during the last years of his lifetime,: "Open a jewellery shop in the capital".


Esteban Yanes I joins his father in the business.

The company experienced moments of splendour when in 1906, on the occasion of the wedding of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia, numerous orders were placed for this social event.

These creations produced the prestige and popularity that positioned him amongst the most sought-after jewellers of the time.

His friendly and charismatic character were popular with the Madrid clientele, who demanded his personalised attention.

Esteban began to create a style of jewellery which conveyed his mark and patent, both in art and personality.


Esteban Yanes II

Esteban Yanes joined the family business at the age of 14 and, although he followed the traditional canons and philosophy of his father and grandfather, he began to venture new trends.

Yellow gold appeared combined with silver, and rose gold began to prevail as a new and attractive fashion trend. Without neglecting the beautiful and delicate platinum and diamond pieces, so characteristic of the brand, he ventured into filigree and fretwork, which gave rise to the "Alhambra" collection, which today has evolved to become one of the best-selling collections of the last 20 years.


Jesús and Manuela Yanes

Entre los importantes proyectos de expansión y crecimiento, aparece la figura de la mujer en la empresa Yanes.

Among the important expansion and growth projects, the figure of a woman in the Yanes company appeared on the scene.

It is Manuela who brings a new vision and version of modern jewellery, a feminine and modern style, full of sophistication, glamour and exclusivity.

Together they opened their first establishment in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

A splendid 700 square metre store that was renovated and became a reference jewellery store for Spanish high society of the time.

In addition to the thousands of pieces created exclusively for the most demanding clientele, they designed one of the most emblematic jewels of the brand: the diamond tiara ¨Nueve Rosas¨ (Nine Roses) in the hope that it would be worn by the brides of the Yanes family on their wedding days.

In recognition of their prestige and the quality of their work, they were commissioned to reproduce the most important pieces of the Silver Collection of the Royal Palace in Madrid (National Heritage of that museum).


Marian, Cristina, Jesús, Juan and Luis

In 1980 they created their first collection, with an aim to attract jewellery to a a younger public. The porcelain and gold initial, the gold and enamel nautical initial and the Krugerrand pendants were the starting point of a project that exceeded all sales previsions at the time.

At the turn of the century, the need to expand the brand arose, and the young product line was presented under the name of Yanes Young, to offer silver jewellery with the quality of traditional Yanes jewellery.

Fine jewellery continued to be the firm's speciality, transforming, evolving and innovating, but preserving the style, personality and charisma inherited from its predecessors.

Present Day

At present, Cristina, Juan and Luis Yanes are the generational continuity of the brand. Yanes, faithful to its traditional canons, continues to create jewellery for the most demanding customers, who look for quality and identity in its creations. Yanes’ exceptional jewellery pieces occupy an important place in Spanish society, and are easily identified by their design and exclusivity.

The "Malpica" and "Alhambra" collections never cease to be replicated and reinvented and continue to be "flag bearers" of the company and number one in sales.

The engagement, anniversary and wedding rings, as well as the Yanes Young collections, are becoming the most demanded products by young customers and future lovers of the brand.

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